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At Health Insurance Experts, we believe that the foundation of good health coverage is built on trust, expertise, and personalized care. Henk deBoer, our founder, embodies these values. With years of dedicated service, Henk has become the leading authority in health insurance for both groups and individuals in Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado South Dakota and Iowa.

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Our Story

The Journey of Expertise

Health Insurance Experts started with a vision to demystify health insurance and make it accessible. Henk’s journey began in the heartland, where he saw firsthand the need for clear, reliable insurance advice. His commitment to service and excellence has grown our company into the trusted name it is today.

Commitment to Community

Henk’s deep-rooted connection to the community drives our mission. We’re not just about policies; we’re about people. Henk has cultivated a culture of warmth and welcome that extends to every interaction with our clients.

Our Expertise

Unrivaled Knowledge

Henk’s extensive knowledge, acquired through years of experience and continuous learning, positions him as the go-to expert for all things health insurance. He’s not just an agent; he’s an advisor, an advocate, and a friend to those navigating the healthcare system.

Tailored Solutions

Understanding that every individual and business has unique needs, Henk has perfected the art of crafting customized insurance solutions that provide optimal coverage and peace of mind.

Why Us?

A Personal Touch:

What sets us apart is the personal touch Henk brings to the table. Health Insurance Experts isn't just a company; it's a family that cares deeply about ensuring your health and financial well-being.

Leading with Integrity

Henk’s leadership is defined by integrity. At Health Insurance Experts, we promise transparency, honesty, and unwavering support – because that's what our community deserves.

Our Promise to Our Clients

Our promise to you is simple: to provide the best health insurance advice and products available. With Henk deBoer and Health Insurance Experts, you are choosing a partner who will be by your side every step of the way.

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